Employee holiday policies typically run from one year to another - usually January 1st to December 31st of that year. Upon the beginning of a new year, employee holiday entitlements may reset or employees may be able to carry over remaining holidays to the the next year.

This is all possible within Timekeepr, and to make things simpler we have a specific leave rollover/bulk leave setup tool.

Within it, there is a couple of steps:

Create the new holiday policy
Set global defaults that can apply to all staff
Override individual employee entitlements and carry over days

This tools accessible here basically allows you to set holiday policies, holiday entitlement and carry over days for all your staff with a few clicks. You can override individual employee values using this tool (which is shown in the video) or alternatively through their own employee account.

Follow the video below that shows a rollover for employees to a new 2019 holiday policy.
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