Timekeepr has an optional feature to perform facial recognition on any employee clock in or clock out event. By default, facial recognition is disabled however this can be easily enabled for individual employees.

How do I get started?

Well, all we require is a profile picture for an employee. Once that profile photo has been added, any future clock in or clock outs will use this image as a base for comparison.

To add a profile photo for an employee, simply:

Log in as an Administrator to our web portal
Go to the Employees sections

 Click the Edit icon on an Employee

 Click the Blue Profile Photo in the top left hand corner, this will product a pop up file dialog.

  Select the employee photo. Please Note this must be a JPEG file.

  You should not see the employee photo shown, and the Facial Recognition box should say 'Facial Recognition Enabled'

 Click Update Employee to save your changes.

Top Tips

For best results, try to mimic a passport photo style for each profile picture. This means to ensure the profile picture is taken with good lighting and visibility of the face. The image should contain the employees complete face and should be 'face' on i.e. directly looking at the camera.

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