For employees to interact with Timekeepr, they first must be added. Luckily this is quite straightforward.

Timekeepr only requires a few basic details when adding a new employee:

_Their Name
Email and/or Phone Number
Working Pattern (their contracted hours and the days and hours they are expected to work e.g Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm)
Basic Access e.g. can they access and clock in to Timekeepr on mobile_

That's it, if you just want to add those basic details (read on below for more details) then click 'Save Employee' and that's them added.

What happens when an employee is added?
2 things - the employee will get an email or text (depending on whether you added email or phone number) indicating there:

Unique 4 digit pin - used to they can clock in to the Timekeepr kiosk

An invite to Timekeepr - this invite allows them to set up their password. Once accepted, they now have access to the Timekeepr portal and the mobile app if you have enabled them to.

Extra Employee Details

Timekeepr also provides for more details that you can added to enhance your experience of the system.

Employee Photo
You can add a profile photo for an employee which we will use as a base reference for facial recognition if enabled.

Alternatively if left blank, we'll use their first clock in image as their profile photo if facial recognition is enabled.**

Pay Period**
Whether this employee is paid an hourly rate or salary?

Eligible for Overtime
Whether they get paid overtime

Overtime Rate
1.5 = time and a half overtime rate

Shift Worker
Work shifts and not a fixed weekly schedule. Times they are expected to work to be managed using the Shift Planner.

Flexi Time
Whether they are flexi time worker

Unpaid Breaks

If you add unpaid breaks to Timekeepr, we will automatically deduct this from the employee timesheet provided they are clocked in past this time.

If you want employees to clock in/out for their breaks, then don't add an unpaid break here.

Below is an example of a 30 minute break at 1pm, except on Fridays where it doesn't apply as they only work to 1pm on Fridays.

Holidays and Leave

Timekeepr can also manage your holiday and leave management for your employees. To do this, you would:

Holiday Policy
Select a holiday policy for this employee. A holiday policy could be '2019 Holiday Policy' with 10 fixed/statutory days.

Holiday Entitlement
The number of days this staff member is entitled outside of their statutory days (listed in the holiday policy).

Holiday Start Date
Date the employee holidays take effect from e.g. 1st January 2019 would mean this runs from 1st January 2019 - 31st January 2019

Carry Over Days
A maximum number of days a staff member can carry over into the next holiday year from their remaining holiday

Setting a Manager for an Employee

Within Timekeepr, you can set the manager for an employee. By setting a manager, this person can:

Notified and approve/decline Leave Requests for this employee.

Review timesheets for this employee although they can't see pay information for this employee.

_Note for a employee to be a manager they have the manager role attached permission enabled_

Access Rights
You can also configure whether this employee can access the mobile app, and if you allow them to clock in from the mobile.

If you have opted for the Ultimate Plan, you can also toggle the 'Works On Jobs' option to allow them to log time against jobs.

Other Employee Details

As well as that you can list other details for the employee :

Working Status
Internal Employee Identifier
Job Role - custom job role
Team - what team the staff is in

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