In order to set up a manager for a particular employee, you must first configure which users are allowed Manager access.

This manager role will allow this user to review the timesheets of the employee they manage as well approve or decline their holiday leave requests. 

As of current writing, the manager role is not able to see any sensitive pay information and will see the employee pay as 0 in any relevant reports they can run.

  1. Log in as an administrator to the application
  2. Navigate to the Users section of the application

2. Click the edit icon on the relevant user

3. Select the Manager role from the role dropdown and then click "Update User"

4. Now navigate to the employees section, and click edit on the relevant employee you want to set the manager for

5. Set the Manager by selecting them from the "Manager" dropdown box

6. Click "Update Employee" to save this manager for this employee. 

Now this manager will receive notification for this employees leave requests as well as be able to review their time sheets.

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